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How to become and ADFWGA member?

In the interests of simplicity to become a member all you have to do is request to join our Group Forum, answer the three questions and if you meet the criteria you will be added.

The questions ask:


  • ​If you are serving or ex-serving and your actual name if a pseudonym is used.

  • What unit you are at currently or what was you last unit before moving on from the ADF

  • What games do you like playing.

To be an ADFWGA member you must be a current serving or ex-serving ADF member or current ADF APS worker/contractor.

This simple online group forum also negates the need for sending in applications forms each time you move or post to update your details.

NOTE - If you are not a Facebook member and cannot be due to work or other reasons please email the committee with answers to the same questions above and we will keep you on our nominal roll -


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