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Offically formed in 2011 - The Australian Defence Force Wargaming Association exists to promote fun and friendly tabletop gaming within the Defence and wider gaming community. Its mission is through gaming and hosting events in the community it to provide a platform for us to help our mates at Soldier On Australia.


Soldier On's mission is  "is about Australians coming together to show their support for our physically and psychologically wounded Defence members". You can find out more at www.soldieron.org.au




An avid gamer with a taste for Bolt Action, Xwing and the occasional game of Warhammer. Dave has been helping the ADFWGA since its ratification in 2011.



A founding member of the ADFWGA. Ty is gaming crazy and is responsible for most of the ADFWGA events. In his spare time he is building a 6mm scale game system to use for testing and training Army tactics.



Chazz is "Iron Within and Iron Without". Being a veteran Warhammer 40k and now 30k player. Chazz brings much to the ADFWGA and is the man behind the scenes pushing paper so the rest of us can continue to roll dice!


Also he loves STARWARS Legion!

ADFWGA Lifetime Members

Voted by his peers, Danny (now retired) is our first ADFWGA Lifetime Member having been selected in 2019. Danny has been a very hands on and a helpful member of the ADFWGA since its inception. Danny is responsible for the creation of the Anzac Cup event and is a advocate of how gaming can help members with PTSD by providing an activity to focus on (hobby) and to expose those with reclusive tendencies to get out and have some face to face time with mates in a fun and friendly environment.