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2025 ANZAC Cup Charity Event - Canberra - Australian Capital Territory

TBC April 2025


The Anzac Cup has been a staple in the Australian community since 2012. Founded by our member Danny Whitehead as a Warhammer Fantasy event held in Ipswich QLD - The ANZAC Cup has grown into one of the must attend events held in Australia each year. 2023 was the first time that we have run the event since COVID and was hosted from the Australian Defence Force Academy in Canberra and it was an outstanding success. The event is open to members of the public as well as ADFWGA members.


Now hosting multiple game systems - The ANZAC Cup is a great way to spend a weekend of fun organised gaming with your mates. With plenty of dice rolling and some fundraising activities - The ANZAC Cup is not to be missed. All profits from our events are donated to Soldier On.


The list below are the game systems available at this time - players packs will be added once available.


Players Packs
Entry Tickets
Administrative Instruction for ADFWGA members
2025 ANZAC Cup DEFGRAM: To be issued in 2025
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