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HEROCON - Players Packs - August 2022 Canberra

EPIC CANBERRA - 0800-1600 Saturday and Sunday




Warhammer 40000 - Double


This is a chilled out event with more focus on the laughs than the laurels, the objective for each player is to bring an entertaining list/army with the emphasis to provide an enjoyable experience for your opponent as well as yourself. There will be no prizes for placing however on the day you will be given a 40k bingo card with an array of in game objectives or sportsman like objectives that once you complete your row you will be gifted a little something to show our appreciation for you participating and providing a fun filled weekend of gaming with your fellow enthusiasts.

Teams of 2

Army Construction

1500pts per player

2 detachment

No forge world over 30 power level

Using Nephilim rules


All GW faq will be in effect, additionally the WTC faq will be in effect as well if the GW faq doesn’t answer it.

The armies the players select act independently to each other and cannot benefit from any aura or army rules from their partners list.


Each player is allowed to pick one faction specific each and then both partners agree on the third for their team, still follow all the normal rules for selecting secondary’s with the expectation listed above.

The armies the players select act independently to each other and cannot benefit from any aura or army rules from their partners list.

CP. Each player will generate their own cp to use each player turn as normal to the mission being played and each player can only use CP from their own pool, no sharing cp points with your partner.


In regards to primary scoring the players are to work together to achieve holding the objectives and achieving the bonus, so if you have to hold 2 objectives then each player can hold one each to achieve this.


11. Recover the relics pg 76

21. Abandoned Sanctuaries pg 82

23. The Scouring pg 86

31. Tide of Conviction pg 88


Games will be 3 hrs and will update actual round times closer to the event.

Please contact TO with all game questions.

Marvel: Crisis Protocol

TO - Abby Pitout
Email -

2 days of Marvel: Crisis Protocol Tournament

5 rounds of Swiss pairing with top of the rankings at the end of the weekend being crowned the winner! 

This is first and foremost a tournament, but new players are very welcome!
You can aim to win AND have a great time with all of your opponents. This is the atmosphere that we’ll be encouraging.


We will be using the current Rules, Errata/FAQ and Banned and Restricted list which can be found:


Day 1.

0900 Registration and set up 

0930 - 1115: Round 1
1115 - 1230: Lunch
1245 - 1430: Round 2
1445 - 1630: Round 3

Dinner/Shenanigans (suggestions welcome)


Day 2

0900 Registration

0930 - 1115: Round 4

1130 - 1230: Lunch

1245 - 1430: Round 5

1430: Pack up and Prizegiving

1500 - 1630: optional UE (ultimate encounter)

Rounds will last for 1 hour and 45 minutes, this includes set up. Final turn warning at 1h30, complete the turn you are on at that 1h30 mark. When full time is called - that’s it dice down and score as is.


What do I need?

Everything you need to play! Bring your models, dice, Character cards, Tactics Cards, Crisis Cards, Measuring widgets and probably some super glue.


What releases are allowed?

1. If you own the official model you can use it. - Character Cards must be the AMG official cards (ask if you need to borrow)

2. Tactics Cards and Crisis cards may be printed

3. If you have printed Crisis cards, you must bring a D6 to randomise which crisis is chosen each game

Are miniature Proxies allowed ? Yes, but you also need to have the official model on hand if opponent asks you must use it, it must be like for like (eg you can’t bring a Jean proxy as there is currently no Jean in the game)
All miniatures must be on an official AMG base - no exceptions

Do I need to use fully painted models?

No, but strongly encouraged - we want to dazzle anyone walking by and convince them they want to play this amazing game - also there will be painting prizes and you will only be eligible if your entire roster is painted.

Star Wars Legion
TO - Ty Casey

Email -


800 Points per Player.

2 Games per day.
Missions to be announced on day.
6x3 tables.

Please contact TO with all game questions.

Flames of War WW2 - 15mm

TO: Matthew Dixon ( or Andrew Thompson (

Rules: Flames of War V4
Size: 100 points
Forces: Bulge and D Day Books

Facebook Group:

The Battle of the Bulge and Aces Tournament

The Battle of the Bulge or the Ardennes Winter Offensive of 1944 was Hitler’s last roll of the dice to try and win the war. Striking deep into the lines of his western enemies, he hoped to split American and British forces and force a separate peace treaty that would allow Germany the chance to focus on the Russians storming across the eastern front.

This tournament will use the Aces: Battle of the Bulge campaign deck/structure released by Battlefront. Aces campaigns offer an evolving narrative to play through and will be explained in more depth later.

Players may play on any or all days of the event, but please contact the TO.

Games in the tournament will be 100 points. Games will have 2 ½ hours to reach a result or will be considered time-out draws. Players considered to be deliberately slow playing (sandbagging) will be given a first warning, and if slow play considers the T.O. reserves the right to take over remedial action.

Games will be scored using the normal rules, and these results will be used to make the draw for the next round. The first round draw will be random and subsequent games will be paired with the Swiss Chess system.

An Aces campaign provides multiple layers or ways it can be played. For this tournament, only the narrative campaign structure will be used to decide which mission is played in each round. Players who wish to use the Ace/Hero elements of the campaign may do so, but only at the explicit permission of the their opponent.

Players will be spilt into Allied and Axis teams at the start of the Tournament and will be paired off each game with a player from the other team. While individual results will be tallied for overall tournament winner, the team with the most wins each round will affect the path/end result of the campaign and the next round’s mission. Draws will not count as wins or losses for either team.

The event aims to be themed around the Battle of the Bulge and forces played should reflect this. Forces should be draw their support from any of the “Bulge” books, but may draw their formation from other books. This allows players to build thematic foces not covered in a single book, and allow some diversity in forces. Players are not required to build historical forces, we just request no crazy combos.

Because the Aces structure will call on players to both attack and defend, players may choose to submit two lists, one for attack and one for defence. These lists should be labelled as such and the list chosen after the mission is announced, but before seeing the opponents list. Players choosing to submit two lists should endeavour to keep them from the same source, and lists should share common units or support when possible to create a theme or narrative.

T.O. Decisions:
Players are expected to be familiar with Flames of War 4th Edition rules and the latest Lessons From the Front. Should arguments occur, players are encouraged to sort the issue out themselves, but if needed may confer with the TO or Assistant TO. Their decision will be final. Players are reminded that this is a friendly event, even with the competition. Ample time has been allotted for games, so relax and have fun. We are here to have fun and tell a cool story with our toy soldiers.

Should players be caught deliberately misinterpreting rules, acting in a non-sportman like manner or deliberately acting in an antagonistic manner, they may be asked to leave and will be dropped from the event without refund.


All terrain will be supplied for the event. Each player is to ensure they understand the natures of terrain before the start of each game. Players are not to alter the terrain.

Team Sign Up:
Follow the link below to sign up for your preferred team.

Horus Heresy 2.0
TO - Danny Whitehead


1400 Points

Normal Force Organisation
No Allies

No Primarchs or Lords of War

Mission's rolled on day by TO (Standard Rulebook Missions).

Please contact TO regarding non- Legion Armies as we await the rules release.

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